Engine Coolant Changes: How, Why and When?

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Coolant or antifreeze helps to regulate the temperature of your engine and prevent it from overheating. This means the car warming up quickly in cold weather and not overheating in the hot weather, or when it's just working very hard. It also has a role to play in preventing corrosion in certain parts.


It's a vital part of keeping you on the road.


Doing a routine engine coolant or antifreeze change can help keep your car in peak condition. To do it we need to do drain the old coolant, flush out any remaining sediment, replace the filter and refill with new coolant.


Most vehicle manufacturers suggest changing the coolant every 2-3 years. It's always best to check your vehicle’s handbook for recommended intervals, If you don't know when the last time change was ask us. If it's due or looks dirty, you should change it now.


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