Modern vehicles are very complex. Diagnostics are a hugely important part of our role They use on-board computers to monitor things like engine performance and exhaust emissions. If there is a fault, the computer (ECU) logs a fault code and alerts the driver of this via a dashboard warning light.


If a warning light is showing or you notice a problem with the running of your car, we advise that you do not take any risks in case of further damage. You should bring your car to us at J & A Motors and let us use our sophisticated diagnostic tools to isolate the problem with your vehicle, so it can get back to full performance as soon as possible.

Does your car have any of the following problems?

• Difficult to start
• Sometimes stalls
• Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
• Uses more fuel than it used to
• Hesitant or sluggish when you accelerate
• Overheating engine
• Engine misfire (bucking or erratic idle speed)
• Warning symbols illuminated on your dashboard

If you have a warning light showing or believe your car isn't running as smoothly as usual, a diagnostic check is highly recommended.