Engine Carbon Cleaning

When did you last clean your engine internally?


We all wash our cars or vans and even get services but rarely think about the health of the engine on the inside. 


The combustion process, inside your engine, is responsible for producing soot deposits in cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos.

Clogged parts prevent your engine from functioning properly. If carbon deposits (soot) are not removed regularly, faults can occur and the costs can soon mount up for you. Our engine carbon cleaning service can help.

So why have your engine carbon cleaned?


  1. FUEL IS EXPENSIVE!!! Save money everyday by consuming less fuel
    And the cherry on top is that your fuel consumption will reduce by up to 15%. With less trips to the petrol station, carbon cleaning your vehicle will save you more money on the long run. Carbon cleaning = You save money every day!
  2. Regain your vehicle’s original performanceYou will find a much healthier engine. The proof for this is those fault codes shown by the diagnostic that are corrected by carbon cleaning. Say goodbye to hard starting engine, high fuel consumption, low engine performance, dashboard lights, black smoke and sluggish acceleration. Thanks to carbon cleaning, your vehicle will regain its original performance. Eliminating engine soot restores lost horsepower in your car. Results: more agile driving and an engine that is more responsive in higher gears.Carbon cleaning = restoring the performance of your vehicle!
  3. Reduce pollution
    By eliminating scale in all types of engines, you will reduce exhaust gas emissions. Maintenance of the vehicle also plays an important role in eco-driving, economic and ecological motoring, for the good of our planet and your bank balance. By regaining its original performance, your vehicle will emit 50% less CO2 at least! Carbon cleaning = eco-driving

  4. Make it easier to pass your MOT Check
    Say goodbye to failing your MOT Check on emissions! By regaining its original performance, your vehicle will emit 50% less CO2 at least!

    With recent anti-pollution standards, especially measures on exhaust gas opacity, carbon cleaning your engine by hydrogen injection eliminates black smoke and makes passing the Roadworthiness Checks easier.

    Whether diesel or petrol, unclogging your engine will emit fewer particulates. Carbon cleaning = MOT Check passed!

  5. Forget about expensive breakdowns
    Almost three-quarters of the faults that occur with the engines are caused by carbon deposits.

    New anti-pollution standards and speed restrictions increase carbon deposits in the engine and thus increase the possibility of the appearance of dashboard lights, or more seriously, of breakdowns.

    By choosing carbon cleaning by hydrogen injection, you will avoid clogging and replacing expensive parts, such as the EGR valve (around £350), injection pump (around £1,000) or even the turbocharger (up to £2,000). Carbon cleaning = no dashboard lights ON

As you can see, unclogging your vehicle’s engine has technical, economic and ecological advantages. The winning recipe: clean your engine at least once a year and you prolong your vehicle’s life.


A 1 hour engine carbon clean is included as standard in our Full Service. We can also carry out the engine clean whilst your car or van is with us for an MOT or other repair. An engine carbon clean is £78 (including VAT) for 1 hour on its own but is 30%-35% less when carried out when combined with other repair.


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